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Alpine Lion's Nero
Our beautiful boy Nero has passed in a tragic accident. Nero, we love you and hope you continue to bring joy whereever you are and to whomever you can. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty, service, protection, and unparalled joy that you brought our family for years! We also thank you for producing some of the finest Boerboels and Mastinos that this planet has EVER seen. You my friend, are sorely missed in so many ways...Godspeed my boy...Godspeed.

Nero again came to us directly from South Africa. His father is the highest ranking black boerboel in existence and we believe Nero will follow suit and add much to recognition of the majesty of the black boerboel.
Nero has all of fire his half brother Massimo has but seems even a bit more alpha. We look to Nero to provide even more of a good thing in our breeding program with both our pure Boerboel and Africa Mastino lines


Alpine Lion's Bagheera

Alpine Lion's Bagheera is the product of our dogs Panther and Nero. He has been and remains to this day one of the most "balanced" boerboels I have ever seen (let alone bred). He weighs approximately 160 pounds and has a very athletic frame, great frame and stature, perfect topline, excellent round head, and a great temperament and high prey drive. He is loyal, fearless and fun.

Bagheera represents the true "grey area" in boerboels, he sways not too much in ANY one direction...BALANCE!

Alpine Lion's Massimo

Massimo, Massimo, Massimo, . . .where do I begin with this guy. First off, in true Alpine Lion fashion, we'll let your eyes judge Massimo for the most part. Massimo comes to us directly from South Africa. His father is the highest ranking black boerboel in existence and we believe he has even surpassed his father. 

Massimo has the fire of a true African warrior but he has an affinity for children that borders on supernatural. We still have to get used to his protective growls as we do our night rounds, because Massimo is simply invisible. Enjoy watching Massimo grow with us, he is already a feast for the eyes!

**Pictured Below at just 18 months old and 190 pounds!!!***

Alpine Lion's Brutus


$5000 plus shipping

(approx $1500 US...can save you approx $700 here with crating on our side)

Brutus is a fairly large aloha male (175# plus and tall 30" at withers). He is great with kids and people...but he IS an alpha and will need reservation and awareness when dealing with other male dogs. with that being said, he is NOT a loose cannon and will give you plenty of fair warning when agitated. He can be a bit stubborn but really that is all overtaken with a small bit of a firm hand (I would recommend that someone have SOME big dog experience and ability to be a dominant pack leader...a trait I highly recommend for ANY aspiring boerboel owner anyway). Brutus is fluid and massive and moves like and elk (with teeth). He is playful and balanced both physically and temperamentally. He will add an immediate deterrent and has the ability to be a family dog and or estate guardian. He will also be a prolific breeder adding SIZE and stature and athleticism (not too mention prey drive) to any breeding program established or as a foundational stock. Alpine Lion's Brutus came back to us after he outgrew his surroundings at his prospective home. While he was always a sweetie he tried to be the pack leader and his family just wasn't equipped to offer him the necessary guidance. He is the son of our dogs Massimo and Cayenne (one of our more powerhouse matings).

Alpine Lion's "Beast"

Watch Beast grow into one of the finest male boerboels this planet has EVER seen. Pictured here from 6 months to 18 months old. Beast is 30 inches at the withers (shoulders) and weighs in at about 180 pounds and moves like a lion! Alpine Lion's Beast is a rippling, churlish, agile, red ambassador poised to take the boerboel world by storm! Watch him grow with us.

Alpine Lion's Bazooka
Alpine Lion's Bazooka is the son of our lady Sky and Dragon. He truly is a sight to behold. Bazooka was kept to satisfy any muscle and size requirements we may have in the future at Alpine Lion. We feel he'll do quite nicely. Bazooka, while not the most agile fella in the world is a true show stopping boerboel. He is a churlish, fearless, comical ambassador to the breed and certainly a favorite to our Alpine Lion family. Please enjoy watching Bazooka grow into one of the finest "muscle" dogs we've seen in a good while (you have to go to the archives on this one, maybe Nostradomas Jock or Dopper Dominique).
(Pictured below at 14 months 165 pounds)

Alpine Lion's Crom


Alpine Lion's Crom is just another example of the balance we strike between size, stature, agility, athleticism, working ability, prey drive, loyalty and temperament. Crom is one to surely watch to AGAIN rewrite even what we do here in terms of all the aforementioned attributes combined into one rippling and handsome package! Crom stands 28 inches at the withers and weighs 160 pounds lean (at 10 months old!!).


Alpine Lion's Dragon


 Dragon is a bit large for a boerboel at almost 200 pounds. He is a gentle giant, he knows when to exercise his considerable power and when to exhibit grace & restraint. Son of Caberet Pavarotti (Grand Champion of South Africa) Dragon has been the foundational breeding stock to so many kennels and boerboels it's too difficult to count...but if you see REAL size in America, chances are he or his bloodline had something to do with it.

Dragon is a Piebald (Irish Marked) Boerboel.

Alpine Lion's Vader


Our sweetest of sweet dogs Vader has passed away. Vader provided our family (and business) with an incomprable production and protection and love and loyalty. This is VERY hard to write as I keep pretnding it hasn't even happened. Writing this confirms it...and is why I have avoided it (heartbreak). Vader gave us and this world some of the most well 'put together' boerboels on the planet. A true Dopper boerboel he translated the "rural boerboel" traits with perfection and lended his agility and prey drive to so many over-bred bloodlines it's too difficult to count. You my friend can NEVER be replaced both in spirit and in family bloodline...We always loved you and always will..Always in ALL ways ~ Vader.

Vader is the prototypical "working" boerboel. This is the dog that will lay down his life for your family, never ever leave your side,can run alongside your horse for 30 miles, guard your campsite all night, and do it all again the next day . . . for life.

Vader is the son of Ronin and Denali. He moves like a thoroughbred and is extremely athletic and graceful for being 140-50 pounds. Vader is the proven stud of many amazing large athletic boerboels (particularly him and his lady Tifa).

Alpine Lion's Ronin (R.I.P.)

If pictures speak a thousand words, then look no further.  Ronin was staged to take the Boerboel world by storm. Ronin was  truly an amazing specimen exhibiting every classic impressive boerboel trait. Alpine Lion's (Dopper) Ronin was from the finest line of boerboels in existence (Dopper storm, Dopper Madala, Corma Buks, Dopper Oubaas, Reonard Martiens, Avontuur Anton, Nostradomas Jock, Dopper Hitler, and Dopper Storm).  He was massive, handsome, fearless, and unwavering in his protection and loyalty to his family. He is sorely missed.

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