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Massive big boned athletic pups

   True old school bloodlines that make for producing REAL South African Boerboels with size, stature, and ability.



 (**See ESPN Ronda Rousey article). 


Bagheera and Zaire

(Mastino Litter ~ 1/4 Italian Imported Cane Corso)

$3000 PLUS shipping costs

Searching for a little more athleticism and more resilient health? Then the 'Mastino' is for you. These hybrids enjoy and little lovely blessing called "hybrid vigor" and it is very real. They will enjoy better overall health and just be more resilient to disease and illness all the way around. This mating is with Bagheera a full blood black Boerboel and Zaire a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of Boerboel and Cane Corso. These pups are thick, athletic and serious apex predators. They ALL have very good bone structure and nice thick heads and chests. They should top out at about 150# lean maybe larger (BIG boys and girls!!). But, they WILL have the quick twitch muscles to throw that weight around effectively and not just be a glorified bear skin rug.


Alpine Lion's Tyson

Alpine Lion's tyson is a thick, asseretive, churlish Mastino to be sure. He is confident and seems to be pushing for the 'alpha' spot. He will be a sizable and serious dog (160#) when all is said and done, He has an excellent prey drive and is a curious and fearless pup. He will enjoy a big boned stature with the muscles to throw it around comfortably.

Alpine Lion's Sugar Ray

Alpine Lion's Sugar Ray is aptly named. He is a fiesty, fast, and serious pup. He has an abundance of confidence and really has a love for his humans. He is curious and inquisitive and always seems to be right under foot and looking for the next challenge. He will be a good sized male coming in at about 150# lean when all is said and done. With his balance and even temperament he will make an exceptional family dog (although he WILL still be a protector).

Alpine Lion's Ronda

In honor of Alpine Lion's latest friend and customer Ronda Rousey we presnt 'Ronda'...she's every bit deserving of her name. A thick and confident female that is highly muscled and takes no crap. Ronda is a seriously large female and should give you about 140# of solid muscle when all is said and done. This puppy is a GAS! She is very gregarious and just loves to play and play but she is also very very aware of her surroundings...nothing gets by Ronda's watchful eyes. She will bring years of joy and protection to whatever lucky home she lands in. 

Alpine Lion's Ali

Alpine Lion's Ali listed last but certainly not LEAST! Ali is the epitome of balance. In fact, if you take everything that was said or written about the other pups and wrapped it in one tidy package?...that would be Alpine Lion's Ali. He is confident, athletic, agile, even tempered, curious, high prey drive, and sizeable. He's kinda the perfect storm. We expect he'll carry on with all this balance and come in around 160# lean and athletic (a BIG boy). This pup will adapt to whatever situation he's asked to...with force and grace.

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